Who we are

Adva Elmakias established the Step by Step website.

The site’s objective is to teach and enrich your knowledge of the world of makeup and beauty anywhere, anytime. The content of the classes is based on media and digital development. The site’s primary emphasis is to enrich knowledge in all disciplines, not to merely provide another ordinary online makeup video.

What is the site's objective?

The site’s objective is to give you, as a Make up artist, all the most useable tools for a final amazing result. And the most importantly, is the objective to provide you with all the knowledge needed to express your final result in photographs.

What are the advantages of e-learning?

Adva believes that the whole world is daily changing and undergoing renewal and that our need as cosmeticians has changed. One of the most important advantages of e-learning is the ability to view the courses anywhere, anytime.
The main advantage is that the nature of learning freely makes it possible to choose the points where you wish to pause on and which are most important to you personally.
Moreover, the professional structure that you will obtain by joining will be available to you at any given moment for advice, questions, and inquiries.

What happens during the studies and questions about a particular course?

Below each lesson, there will be an “Open Discussion” where you can ask questions and talk about any topics that you want to know.
Our professional team is available to you on WhatsApp and on Email for Amy question, ant time.


How do I register?

You can open an account directly via Facebook or via ordinary registration that includes inserting your personal particulars and setting a password.

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In which languages is the course given?

The course is available in Hebrew and English.
We will later expand to more languages.

What is the time range for using a subscription?

STEP BY STEP BY ADVA is a study site based on an annual curriculum.
Each time, new content will be uploaded to the site (in addition to existing content) to promote and influence our users.
Due to the character of the site, we offer an annual subscription that can be renewed at the end of the subscription period.


I have registered on the site. Can I start viewing the course?

When you register for the site and after filling in the details you will be taken to a payment page. Immediately upon payment confirmation you can view the lessons.
You can contact customer service for any problem.

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How can I pay?

Payments by credit card or Pay pal only. The payment is an annual charge.

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Support & User settings

How often is it possible to view a class?

There are no restrictions on the number of views, but there are restrictions on the number of users under one user name.

There is a restriction on connecting from different devices?

To prevent unfair use of the site, we have set a personal use policy for up to 3 devices per subscription only.
We understand that you may want to change viewing options and allow you to make up to 3 device swaps. At the end of the swap quota, you will only be able to access the site from which you have connected.
We ask that you respect the agreement between us and not transfer the subscription to other users or any other party.

Can a user name be shared?

A subscription cannot be shared. The subscription is personal and non-transferrable.
The Step by Step site reserves the right to take measures to protect the privacy and content of the site.
It is not permitted to record or film the classes.

How can the personal profile be edited?

You can monitor and edit your profile by clicking on the personal profile button. You can adjust your picture, change personal particulars, and more…

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On which telephone is the editing lesson demonstrated?

All the lessons are demonstrated on iPhones. This is because most of the content is based on classes that can only be downloaded from the App Store.

Android users – some of the apps are usable and some are not.
There is no prior commitment that all the apps will operate on your devices.
We would be happy to assist in any question.

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How do I contact a representative?

The STEP BY STEP BY ADVA website team provides e-mail service
If necessary, we will contact the customer by telephone.
We promise to answer as soon as possible.

I wish to cancel my subscription to the site. What is the cancellation policy?

There is no cancellation option for a subscription that has been approved in the system, because of the privacy protection settings.
Read more about the cancellation policy in the site policy

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