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STEPBYSTEP powered by Adva Elmakias offers information, which is presented on this website (hereinafter: “the Service” and/or “the Content”, respectively), subject to the terms set forth hereinbelow. The Terms of Use depend on the services that are available on the site from time to time (hereinafter: “the Terms of Use”). The term “user” hereinbelow means any person who enters into an agreement the site or who owns a private account from which enters into an agreement with the site (hereinafter: “the User”).
Any use of the site and its Content, either randomly or by a registered User shall be solely pursuant to the Terms of Use of the site, and the User accepts, without reservation, the Terms of Use for all the undertakings derived therefrom and agrees to them in full. If the User does not agree to the Terms of Use, in whole or in part, he shall be prevented from any use of the site, whether once or permanently.
This document includes the site Regulations, which regulates the terms that apply to the User.
Everything mentioned in the site and its Content is written in the feminine, but also means the masculine, and vice versa.
Use of the site via a personal account and personal password and your use of the Content offered on it is your unequivocal consent to the terms set forth in the site and in these Regulations. The User shall therefore carefully read these Regulations before registering to the site or using any Service on the site.

Content and courses offered on the site

The site before you offers online training and/or course on professional makeup (fashion/brides/evening). Adva Elmakias has the sole discretion to upload additional content with respect to proprietary photography techniques, personal recommendations about leading products, exposure to her personal and professional world, and professional training in miscellaneous content, such as picture and/or video editing, use of apps, and tips about social networks. As mentioned, the training via virtual room that are uploaded onto the site (hereinafter: “the Content”) is provided at the sole discretion of Adva Elmakias, who is independent and has experience in the sector. The Content offered in the site is from Adva Elmakias’ experience and creativity, which is exclusively personal knowledge and provided to the User to enrich her professional knowledge. The site and/or its operators and/or Adva Elmakias shall bear no liability for relying on the information provided on the site, and its use is at the sole liability of the User.
Registration to the site the right to use the Services that it offers is subject to opening a personal account by the User and obtaining a personal password by which the User can use the Services. Every User bears personal and sole responsibility for keeping the particulars of her account confidential.
Use of the site is personal and every User who purchases courses and/or Content offered by the site in effect purchases the right to participate and receive the Content personally for her private purposes, and is not authorized to use the Content for any commercial use. The User password is also private and is not transferrable by the User to any third party. A User who breaches this provision harms and/or causes the site and/or its operators damage and will be liable to the penalties prescribed in law.
To prevent the transfer of User particulars to a third party, use of the site is only permitted from the computer from which the User registered.

Copyright protection

Copyright to the Content published on the site belongs exclusively to Adva Elmakias (hereinafter: “the copyright owner”). The copyright includes, inter alia, pictures, texts, voice files, videos, and video clips. Every User may use said Content solely for personal studies.
The User agrees that the Content and/or information provided in the online training may not be copied from the site and that they are the sole property of Adva Elmakias, who is the owner of the copyright to them.
The User undertakes not to harm and/or damage and/or change and/or distort the Content offered on the site and shall refrain from any action that will or is liable to reduce the value of the Content or infringe the honor and reputation of the copyright owner.
The User undertakes not to copy, record, distribute, transfer, broadcast, present, duplicate, publish, or use, or directly or indirectly or allow others to carry out any of the aforesaid actions. The User also undertakes not to perform any of the aforesaid via another website, electronic advertising, print advertising, etc. for any commercial or other purpose (hereinafter: “prohibited use”). The site operators and/or the copyright owner reserve the right to sue for financial and/or intellectual property and/or advertising damages and/or any damage of any kind caused by the prohibited use of Content by a User of the site.
Adaptation of the Content and/or the course acquired by Users is solely at her personal and free choice and the site operators and/or the copyright owner bear no liability for adaptation of the Content for the User’s needs or objectives and shall bear no liability for said adaptations.
The site manager and its operators invest heavily to provide the User with a high-quality, innovative, and reliable content experience. However, errors and/or inaccuracies are possible in the Content on the site, and the site and/or its operators and/or the copyright owner do not undertake to update the Content and shall bear no liability with respect to errors and/or mistakes and/or inaccuracies in the Content presented on the site or use or results thereof and/or their consequences.
The User hereby declares that she bears the sole and full liability for any use made or which shall be made of the Content offered by the site and the site and/or or its operators and/or the copyright owner shall bear no liability for any direct or indirect damage caused or which shall be caused to the User or any other third party as a result of use of the Content or the site or the training or the Service it offers, inter alia, for cancellation or suspension of the purchase of the Services offered on the site, including disruptions and/or malfunctions in the transfer of the Content and/or the provision of the Services for any reason.

Use of private information

Use of private information of the User and the sending of advertising and/or marketing information
The User’s registration on the site the providing of her personal information to the site system constitutes authorization to the site operators to use information provided as part of the use.
Said User’s registration is confirmation to the site operators to make any use of the information they need for the purpose of providing the Services requested by the User.
The site operators reserve the right to permit access to information in the databases and/or to transfer the information to a third part for the purpose of providing said Content and training and/or for operations, development, and improvement of the site and the Services on the site.
The User permits the site operators to use any means of communications she has provided to contact the User in order to offer her any service and/or product and/or additional information that may be suitable and/or interest the User on the basis of the information segmentation about the User.
The User may at any time contact the site in writing to the email listed below and request not to receive any offers for additional services and/or products beyond the Services for which she registered on the site.

Restrictions and prevention of access to the site

The site operators reserve the right to suspend and/or refuse to grant access to the site and/or any part thereof at any time and for any reason at their sole discretion and without any prior notification. A User who purchases Services, which were not provided, or only partly provided to her, shall have the right to a refund accordingly.

Purchase and cancellation of Content procedures

These procedures refer to the opening and a User account on the site and the purchase of an online course and/or Content on the site.
The opening of a User account and registration for online courses is personal and non-transferrable. The transfer of the right to participate in courses and exposure to Content on the site to another User is not permitted under any circumstances, constitutes a material copyright infringement, and will result in sanctions pursuant to the Copyright Law, 5767-2007 and/or any law.
Following registration on the site and purchase of courses and Content, it is not possible to freeze and/or suspend the purchase of the course, and if the User wishes to change a course or training, she shall write to the site management at the email below. If the client wishes to freeze and / or cancel the registration on the site or purchase courses and content, please contact the site management and the case will be handled in accordance with the law. The client will contact the site management in writing at the email address below.

Online course schedules

The registered Users on the site may receive the Services on the days and at the times decided by the site managers and published on the site when registering for the course and/or training.
If necessary, the site operators have the right to change the course dates and times aired by reasonable prior notification on the site.
Changes and cancellations are also possible, due to reasons beyond the control of the site operators, such as insufficient registration, technical malfunction, or other outside event. Under said circumstances, the site operators will ensure that the meeting is held on a different date that they will decide.

User declarations

The site User undertakes to compensate the copyright owner and/or anyone on her behalf for any expense and/or damage that liable to be caused by use of incorrect personal items and identification data and/or use of another person’s particulars without providing the information to the site manager and operators.
The User is aware that the training is in virtual rooms and that all the Content offered on the site is performed online, is liable to be seen by others, including anyone near the computer during use on the site, inter alia, unknown users who are liable to hack into the virtual rooms inadvertently or maliciously. In view of the aforesaid, the User hereby undertakes to make personal use of the Content offered by the site and hereby confirms that she is aware and agrees that she bears the sole responsibility for protecting the confidentiality of the User’s account, and that she shall bear the full damage caused by exposure of said Content to a third party, whether inadvertently or maliciously,
The User is aware that the site operators may be exposed to information provided and/or delivered during use of the site, and she waives any claim with respect to infringement of privacy and/or confidentiality.
The User is aware that any information, recommendation, and presentation on the site with respect to makeup and/or body care products and/or makeup and/or cosmetics brands (hereinafter: “the Products”) are offered to the User at the personal recommendation of Adva Elmakias on the basis of her user experience. The presentation of the Products and/or any recommendation to use them does not impose any liability with respect to their properties or quality, inter alia, the results of their use, and the User bears the sole and full liability. Adva Elmakias shall bear no direct and/or indirect liability derived from the use of these Products. The User shall independently undertake all evaluations and tests of the Product and she share be estopped from raising any claim and/or demand with respect to relying on any of them.

Additional terms

If there are parties and/or events that are beyond the control of the site operators, which shall delay and/or prevent the provision of the Services or any part thereof, the Company may notify cancellation of the purchase.
If said transaction is cancelled, the User shall be eligible for a full refund, but shall not be eligible for compensation for cancellation of the purchase.
The site operators and/or the copyright owner may amend and/or correct and/or add and/or remove Terms of Use provisions from the Regulations at any time and terminate and/or cancel the activity at any time at their sole discretion, and without prior notification.
The sole judicial jurisdiction for any matter or dispute with respect to the Services on the site shall be the competent court in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, which shall hear the matter pursuant to the laws of the State of Israel.

Contacting STEP BY STEP by ADVA

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